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by muscle memory

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released March 11, 2014

kenny mcwilliams produced this at archer avenue studios in columbia, sc. nick brewer did the keys & lots of synths. kenny did the bass, lots of guitars, synths, & some keys; also the bridge of "some wonders". david adedokun did guitars, singing & wrote the songs. jonathan palance did the drums. kanika moore did bgvs on "ball & chain". chris andrews did tenor saxo on the outro of "tautology". tesse anderson did the cover design. u did everything else. thx.



all rights reserved


muscle memory Columbia, South Carolina

everything is happening at once.

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Track Name: severance pay
i had a dream that i was in my master's house
under the table where he eats
and he was holding up a morsel and demanding that i speak
bc u must work if u will eat
do the trick if u want the treat
be glad yr master doesn't beat
be thankful for a place to sleep

i had a dream that i was pressed against the window
of my office building
that my superiors demanded some more flatness out of me
or i could push right thru the sheet
of glass that separated me
out from the safety of my keep
to take my chances on the street

i had a dream that i was on the street, the raining glass
was cutting into me
me and another man, we hid for shelter underneath a tree
and then he pulled his own tie loose
he said i think you'll find some use
a tourniquet or just a noose
either way it's yrs to choose
Track Name: ball & chain
you've fallen off of every tall thing u ever stood on
you're tearing up yr knees and palms
the sky's been attacking the ground since the beginning
now whose side r u really on

who's gonna hold u down, who's gonna carry u around

you're acting like yr arms r good for more than clutching
you're acting like u married the sun
you're acting like if u could get high enough to touch it
you'd ever have the courage to jump

don't ever think that i'm trying to hold u back baby
just trying to keep yr feet moving at the right pace
if yr really such a feather on the wind baby
then why'd u tether up to me in the first place

if i left u to yr dreaming and yr wandering off
and u found yrself over a ledge
if my weight was the only thing holding u up
i bet i wouldn't be too heavy then
Track Name: some wonders
i watch u as u sway in place
the movement of a lion at a steadier pace
a million men have died mistaking purpose for grace
a reason, a calling

there's no denying gold can be found
amidst all the rubble that's laying around
but who has the time to stop and survey the ground
the stars r still falling

they're all coming down tonight
and falling around us
they're all coming down tonight

it's all a game of catch and release
a version of perfection for a version of peace
but it's been said that wonders never cease
i was hoping to find some
Track Name: holes
it's not all in yr courage or in answering the call
it's all in where you're standing when the mortars start to fall
they leave a hole

its far too late in hindsight to retrieve what u have lost
what looked like serendipity now feels like gaping jaws
they tore a hole

i would trade the whole damn revolution for a kiss
none of this us right w/o u telling me it is
there goes my whole world
there it goes
Track Name: tautology (dance floor logic)
we should get something clear in the beginning
this isn't giving up this isn't quitting
watch all the prism light breaking and splitting
watch all the lights converge right where you're sitting

u r what u r and u know what u want

isn't it fitting, isn't it apropos
kind of like spitting, kind of like letting go
watch all the falling, the landing and getting up
the name that you're calling, isn't that sign enough

the desperate walls that shake, the colors tesellate
and i couldn't tell my left from my right
red as deep as wine, blue as hot as fire
aren't as bright as u when u catch the light